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Ward Advantage

A home of timeless beauty, enduring quality and year-round comfort.

That's what you can expect from Ward Cedar Log Homes, America's first log home company.

Ward Cedar Log Homes is committed to using Northern White Cedar and offers many features and design options for you to choose from when building your log home, including Comfort System 5™ and Ward's Hybrid Log Home technology. You'll feel confident knowing that every Ward home has been designed and engineered over the years to achieve lasting beauty and strength. Along with our superior customer service, every Ward home comes with a 20-year warranty.

Ward Continues to be Active and Influential in the World of Professional Building Construction:

  • Member of Maine Homebuilders and Remodelers Association
  • Member of Maine Wood Products Association.


Complete Packages

Among many other "industry firsts," Ward was the first to offer a complete home package and it remains one of the most comprehensive packages available today, with the highest quality components available from any log home manufacturer.


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Design Choices

Fitting your needs is our primary concern at Ward. We know a Ward Cedar Log Home is the right choice, but it has to be right for you. Once you have decided on a Ward Home, we help you discover choices for planning and pricing that conform to your needs and wishes, while offering some ideas you may not have thought of.

Whether your log home is based on a traditional farmhouse, a colonial design, a gambrel, or a Western ranch, we offer more design flexibility than you can imagine.


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Energy Efficiency

Ninety-five percent of Ward Cedar Log Homes are bought for year round living. From the sometimes chilling northernmost corners of the United States to the hot, humid South and the arid Southwest, Ward Cedar Log Homes are designed to withstand virtually any climate. Our homes are designed to deliver superior energy efficiency, which minimizes heating and cooling costs.

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Northern White Cedar

Cedar is considered one of the world's most highly prized wood species. With natural oils called thujaplicins found in its heartwood, cedar is highly resistant to insects, decay, mold and mildew, making harsh chemical treatments unnecessary.

Northern White Cedar grows in abundance in the great north woods of Maine, in the heart of which is Houlton, home to our 35-acre manufacturing facility. Our round wood procurement practices and stringent specifications allow Ward to offer a higher grade of log than most other manufacturers.

Northern White Cedar offers the best insulation value per inch, is naturally air-dried for lasting stability and strength, has reliable great looks with a natural light honey color, a fine grain and a smooth sheen, and it is easy to maintain.